Imagine that you’re delivering a very important presentation in a conference and its going pretty smooth. But, as you switch to your fourth slide, there’s a technical glitch and the microphone suddenly stops working. A horrifying scene right?

But, if you have us looking after your event, you save yourself from this horror. At JST Productions, we pay attention to the smallest of the details so that you along with your audience do not have to face the embarrassment of a power cut, or a crookedly fixed backdrop that falls off in between or a poor sound quality and other production details. With our cleverly engineered production techniques, experienced crew and a good relationship with the best of our handpicked vendors, we aim to produce a quality event for our clients.

JST Productions is recognized for the following production services:

1) Outdoor and indoor sound and light systems

2) Stage building and fabrications

3) LED Screens and projection equipments

4) Theme production and decor

5) Branding and strategic material placement

6) Customized event merchandises

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